India Ministry

India Ministry

The Winning Walk has been proclaiming the proven truth of God's Word in the country of India since July 2009. And today, our TV program reaches an estimated 80 million Indian TV viewers.

India is one of the world's largest mission fields today with 1.2 billion people, 80% of whom are practicing Hindus. Muslims make up over 13% of the population, and only 2% of the population are Christians. As you can see, the Indian people desperately need to hear the truth of God's Word so they can know and worship the one true God!

There are high levels of poverty, illiteracy, disease, and malnutrition in India, and only 60 doctors for every 100,000 people. Oppression of the socially disadvantaged members of Indian society, called "Dalits" or "slumdogs," forces this population of 250-300 million into low-paying jobs providing an inadequate income, bonded labor, and even temple prostitution, child labor, and child prostitution.

Located halfway around the world, it's easy to feel helpless to reach out to these people with the love of Christ and even easier to turn a blind eye to their need. So when Dr. Young learned of an opportunity to broadcast The Winning Walk on one of India's premier secular television stations, Zee TV, you can imagine the excitement the team felt! Almost half of the households in India have a TV, which provides an incredible opportunity to reach many people with the proven truth of God's Word and give them hope.

Since Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, The Winning Walk produces the weekly TV program with a Hindi voice-over, done by a Bollywood actor. The Winning Walk also has an alliance with the Good Shepherd Community Church (GSCC), a fellowship of churches in India. GSCC staffs a small call center in India to take calls from the viewers of the Indian broadcast. With over 2,800 churches across the country, every caller that responds to the program can be put in touch with a local body of believers through the GSCC to learn more about Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers. In addition, the GSCC can arrange for new Christians to be discipled and encouraged when they are persecuted by family members and peers for converting to Christianity, which is a frequent occurrence.

India impact

India Ministry

Every Sunday, "Amita" gathers children from her community to watch The Winning Walk in her home. The children come from both Christian and Hindu backgrounds, and her hope is that they will discover the proven truth of God's Word through Dr. Ed Young's messages.

"Manish" is an upper-caste landowner who ran his business and his household with an iron fist. However, one day, Manish tuned in to The Winning Walk and listened to Dr. Young's message on Luke 16:19-31. The message spoke to his heart and he realized how cruel he was to those around him. He began to read the Bible regularly and this brought a positive change in him. He called The Winning Walk to report that he has learned to be humble and now treats his employees with dignity and respect.

"Dev" lives in the northern state of Rajasthan, and comes from a Hindu background. One of his friends told him about The Winning Walk and he has been so inspired by Dr. Young's messages that he never misses an episode.

"Dilip" is from Jammu. He was a devotee of Vaishnovi Devi, where people go to Himalaya to worship. One day when he was drinking tea in the morning in a tea stall, the shop had a TV and The Winning Walk program was on the ZEE TV Hindi channel. While watching Dr. Young preach, he noted the toll free number and called for more information.