Your support is transforming lives in India

Thanks to friends like you, The Winning Walk broadcasts our weekly television program across India, changing many lives each week! Here are just a few reports our team in India has recently shared. 

  • Seema was feeling sick and requested prayer for healing. She was healed instantly and thanks The Winning Walk’s counselors for praying for her.
  • Sameer is putting his faith in Jesus. He, his brother, and sister are jobless. They have no parents and are looking to Jesus for a solution to their financial problems and for a brighter future. Please pray for them.
  • Monica came to Jesus from another faith. She is the only believer in her family. A psychic told her mother that Monica has a difficult future ahead of her, but Monica believes her future is in Jesus’ hands. She is 21 years old and studying for an MBA. Please pray for her studies and that she continues to grow closer to God. 
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