Thank you from India!


India is a nation in which nearly 80 percent of people proclaim to be Hindu*. But thanks to your gifts, it’s also a nation into which The Winning Walk broadcasts every week. And as a result, lives are being changed – as you can see by these reports from our team!

  • Ramindha thanks the Lord for His healing touch. She no longer gets migraines and is thankful to The Winning Walk’s counselors for their prayers. 
  • Brijpal was suspended from his teaching job two years ago. We have been praying with him for the Lord’s intervention in the matter, and He recently answered. Brijpal won his case in the Supreme Court and has resumed his job.
  • Sonali is the only Christian in her family. Her husband isn’t happy that she believes in Jesus, which causes tension between them. She asks for prayer for her husband, that he will also come to believe in Jesus.


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