A word from Dr. Young - February 2016

A Word from Dr. Young to You

Dear Friend,

The early church father Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.”

The simple truth is that you and I belong in God. It’s only in relationship with Christ that our hearts are most alive and settled. 

And when you’re maturing in Christ, you’ll think and act differently because God has transformed your mind-set. In the workplace, you’ll never hesitate to promote Jesus Christ. In your relationships, you’ll begin to look at people and say, “How can I sacrifice for you? How can I serve you? How can I help you?” That is the mind-set of Jesus, and that is who God wants you to be.

Imagine how our world could be transformed if you and I began living like the people God wants us to be! Imagine how many more testimonies of lives changed we’d hear from places like India!

My prayer is that the Growing Stronger CD series will help you become that kind of person – someone whose heart, mind, hands, and feet are entirely sold out to God. So please request it when you give this month. And thank you for helping to get the proven truth of God’s Word to so many!

His and yours,

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