Finding Hope in the Hurricane: A Word from Dr. Young


Dear Friend,

Whenever you and I go through the hurricanes of life, you can always find hope in Jesus Christ. He is always with you, and He works for your good in every circumstance.

Let me share some highlights from a powerful poem by Oswald Sanders which I believe sums up what God is seeking to do when He takes you and I through life’s storms:

“When God wants to mold a man… to create so great and bold a man that all the world shall be amazed, watch His methods, watch His ways; how He… perfects whom He royally elects… how He bends but never breaks while His good He undertakes… God knows what He’s about.”

Friend, no matter what adversity you may be experiencing today – whether it’s your health, your job, your finances or your relationships – the truth is you can trust your loving and sovereign God, who knows what He’s about.

This is the same hope you and I share through The Winning Walk every day. So thank you for your generous gifts and prayers. You’re helping more people find the peace and strength they desperately need in life’s storms as together we share the proven truth of God’s Word!

His and yours,

Dr Ed Young


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