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March 5 - 19, 2017


6 Weeks to Change Your Life

Dr. Ed Young shares practical steps from Romans 12 to help you renew your mind, offer true worship, and walk in the will of God for your life. You’ll learn how to truly surrender yourself to the Lord and experience real transformation.

  • March 19

    Loving One Another

    Scripture: Romans 12:9 - 12:20

    This very practical “how to” guide provides detailed instructions for loving both fellow believers within the church as well as non-believers outside the church. When we commit to love people as Christ commanded we discover what authentic love is all about.

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  • March 12

    Discovering and Using Your Gifts

    Scripture: Romans 2:6 - 2:8

    What kind of church would you have if everyone in it was just like you? God has a plan and a purpose for your life in the body of faith, the church. When we each fulfill the role God has for us in this body of faith, we become a mighty symphony orchestra for Him.

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  • March 5

    Becoming a Living Sacrifice

    Scripture: Romans 12:2

    The plan of God is good! In this message on two of the most important verses in the Bible, learn what happens when you surrender your agenda and goals and allow God to change you from the inside out. The result: an amazing life of purpose and meaning.

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February 5 - 26, 2017

February 2017 Messages

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Marriage and Relationships

  • February 26


    Scripture: Ephesians 4:2 - 4:15 , John 17:21

    To exert a positive influence on our families and our culture, we must be pure in our motives, thoughts and lifestyle. How do we become pure, and how do we avoid the dangers of the gradualism that allows impurity to creep into our lives?

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