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August 6 - 13, 2017

Overcoming Tough Times

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Job was an expert on suffering – personally, professionally and physically – and he wanted answers from God. In this series Dr. Ed Young shares God’s answers to Job’s questions and gives us valuable insights to our own questions about suffering today.

  • August 13

    How Not to Comfort

    We struggle to know what to say and how to act when we encounter people who are suffering. While we may not understand why someone is suffering, we can learn to effectively comfort those who are experiencing this “dark night of the soul.”

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  • August 6

    A Search for the Meaning of Suffering

    Scripture: Job , Job 1:1

    The quickest way to discover whether we love God for Himself alone is to go through tough times. In times of suffering God reveals His love for us, teaches us, holds us close, and encourages us in a way we’ve never known before.

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July 16 - 30, 2017


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This unique, five-part message series addresses questions about the Number 1 bestselling book of all time — the Bible.

  • July 30

    Is the Bible understandable?

    The Bible is not only inspired and true, it is also clear and understandable! As God’s love letter to us, the Bible provides instructions for daily living. Read it, and hide it in your heart, and you will find your life transformed by the truth it contains.

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  • July 23

    Is the Bible true?

    When you consider the evidence for the truth and accuracy of the Bible, it is overwhelming! This amazing bestseller has been banned, burned, slandered, criticized and attacked, but it still stands – and it still points us to the Truth.

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