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November 5 - 19, 2017

How to Talk to God

Practical Lessons from the Lord's Prayer

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When Jesus prayed, power came into His life— a light, a power, and a relevance that was supernatural. In this series, Dr. Ed Young shares practical lessons from the Lord’s Prayer that will help you learn to pray as Jesus prayed.

  • November 19


    Forgiveness is at the very heart of the Lord’s Prayer. To stay right with God, we need to ask for forgiveness when we have missed the mark or gotten off course. Then, as we receive the grace of God, we need to offer grace to others.

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  • November 12

    Hallowed Be Thy Name

    Scripture: Matthew 6:5 - 6:6

    When we really pray, we begin with worship as we recognize that all of life is sacred. We acknowledge Who God is and who we are, and we come into God’s presence in wonder, awe and humility. We meet with God as He meets with us.

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  • November 5

    God Who Is Dad

    Scripture: Matthew 6:6 - 6:9

    When we become part of the family of God, everything about our lives is transformed. Our prayers will have power because we can approach God as our Father, knowing that all the holes and gaps in our lives will be filled by Him.

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October 1 - 29, 2017

Heaven Is...

Imagine the best self you could ever be, and that will give you just a hint of what you will be like in Heaven. Even the best we experience in this life is merely a foretaste of what we will realize when we receive our supernatural, heavenly bodies.

  • October 29

    Heaven is Fun

    Envision a place of unlimited joy, unlimited celebration, and unlimited creativity, where your senses will be expanded beyond anything you can imagine. That is just a hint of the wonders, and the fun, that await God’s children in Heaven.

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