“I wish Father could step out of that picture,” said an English boy as he studied a portrait of his missing dad.  That had been the longing of all thoughtful men and women for generations prior to the coming of Jesus Christ.  “I wish God would step out of eternity, and enter time,” was the plea of many a heart.  All the great thinkers could see God in their logic and in nature.  The ancient mystics knew God existed.  Hebrew patriarchs and prophets sharpened their heart-focus as intently as possible, yearning for a full, clear view.  But all they could see was the fuzziness of an impressionistic painting.  They yearned for Rembrandt and got Van Gogh.  The colors are lovely to look at, but they can only hint at the promise and hope of the real.  Jesus Christ is God stepping off the canvas of eternity, showing us the reality of God.  

On this special day let your heart dwell on the reality that you live in an era the patriarchs and prophets yearned to see: the season of the revelation of God through Christ.