God makes man in His image; then man makes everything else in man’s image.  Even our work-world institutions are remakes of our inner lives.  A factory makes rubber balls.  There’s a hallway for research and development that plans new balls.  The R and D corridor is the human will, where plans are hatched and choices made.  A computer room has big machines storing data, running numbers, and linking the enterprise with the rest of the cyber world.  In human beings, the computer room is the mind.  Down in the quality control center, experts squeeze randomly picked rubber balls, tossing aside the mushy ones.  For you and me, the “feeler” is the emotions.  Every factory has a front office where people understand how to unite all the functions.  Your heart is the front office.  Only the Lord has the big picture for next year.  As you envision resolutions, make Him CEO and He will bring together all the plans and functions into a successful totality.  

The greatest preparation you can make for the coming year is to enthrone Christ in your heart as Lord of your life.