The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently said that for over half the people who die before they’re 65, the basic cause of death is stress. I read one scholar who said that between 60 and 70 percent of people who go to see their physician have stress as the underlying cause of their symptoms.

This is not how God wants you to live! God says we should rest in the knowledge that He is good and cast our burdens onto Him.

I want you to do just a little thing. Without moving, take a deep breath. And then, be still for a moment. Ask the Lord to show you what is bringing undue stress into your life. Pray to Him, “Lord, take away my anxiety about this issue and help me trust You to look after it today.”

As the new year begins, cast your burdens onto Jesus and let Him take them away.

Spend some time thinking about what stresses you, and give those things to God.