Operation Enduring Prayer

The war on terrorism is taking its toll on families throughout America. It would be an easy thing to send our ships and planes into harms way, but the truth is, we don't send ships, we send our finest young men and young women.

The Winning Walk is committed to praying for those serving in harms way, and we are asking you to join us in praying for our country, those serving and their families.

Do you have family members in the armed forces?

If you have family members who are serving our country, we want to pray for them. Please contact us and include your name and address, the name of your loved one along with their rank, branch of service and where they are serving. Please include any special prayer needs, and don't forget to keep us updated so we can pray effectively.

Are you a military chaplain?

If you are a chaplain we want to support you as well. You are not alone and The Winning Walk wants to stand with you. Please contact us and include your name and the most appropriate way to contact you. We will then explain in more detail how we can assist you.

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