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 Winning Walk Testimony"As a Christian and a regular church-goer, I listen to your messages at Light Source from time to time. I'm always completely fixed to my computer screen when listening to your enthusiastic, informative, spiritually uplifting and the in-depth opening of the scriptures and the way you do that."
- Viewer from the Netherlands

Winning Walk Testimony "I would like to take the opportunity to thank for your very inspiring teachings that I listen to on a Sunday morning before I leave for church it's always lifting me up and I draw great courage from your teachings."
- Viewer from South Africa

Winning Walk Testimony "I don't know how to thank you for sharing the word with us every Tuesday morning. The word you share with us in the morning gives the power to strive to not let anything bring me down - I look forward to Tuesday mornings."
- From a Radio listener

Winning Walk Testimony"Dr. Young: I realize that you could spend your sermon time talking about just any ridiculously crazy, zany thing, and somebody, somewhere would be sitting in their chair saying, 'That's me, that's me!". But, now is a time in our nation's history where economics are hard, family relationships are strained, life is hard, etc. But... I, along with likely countless thousands, have been blessed to hear your words of repentance, righteousness, encouragement and strength. Your "visits" to our hearts and our minds through the sharing of the Word are truly inspiring."
- Viewer from Springfield, Ill

Winning Walk Testimony"Just some feedback: In the rough and tumble world of banking it seems there is never enough time. Being able to record and listen to a good Mississippi pastor is one of my favorite uses of technology. I now get a physical and spiritual workout at the same time. Thank you so much for the broadcast."
- From a TV viewer

Winning Walk Testimony"I am so glad I have the opportunity to listen and watch your sermons often. You speak the truth so plainly and without prejudice. It is so up lifting when I hear your thoughts and insights about the Gospel, I have yet to listen and go away disheartened, I always feel better after you have spoken to me. Thanks for your words, and thank God for bringing you to this dark world to help bring light to all of us that so desperately need it."
- From a TV viewer

Winning Walk Testimony Your ministry is a blessing to my husband and me. We record and "attend" The Winning Walk each week. We support your TV ministry monthly and I just want to thank you for making it all possible. You are the only one my husband will watch with me. God has truly blessed you with a great gift. Week after week, you successfully tell a story while maintaining the biblical center throughout. I love the "bible study" feel of your messages. So often other preachers seem to lose the "meat" of the message among the "fluff" and I am left wondering what the message was. I ALWAYS feel satisfied, nourished, content, and blessed after your messages.  I had been "attending" The Winning Walk for years when my Daddy hurt his back and was rarely able to go to his church. He didn't have cable, but now was finally able to get TBN through the digital box (for antenna users). Your message was one of his last...I remember him telling me that he had found a really great preacher that I should try to find...it was you. I excitedly told him that you were 1 of my preachers..."
- Viewer from North Carolina

Winning Walk Testimony"I am 53 years old, divorced and broke... Listening to your message about happiness and becoming whole or finding something holy or bigger then yourself to do, is making sense. I do thank you for giving me purpose and insight in my life to rest in God"s peace and to believe on Him and in Him. To use His word to serve others. Thank you. Keep up the good work."
- Viewer from South Africa/Namibia

Winning Walk Testimony"Today's message about how to be happy hit home. I am a back-slidden Christian hanging with the wrong crowd. WOW did your message touch my heart... I felt everything you said was meant for my ears to hear...Praise God I found you on the Internet. Your message blessed me in a mighty way."
- From an Internet viewer

Winning Walk Testimony"I listened to your message on Forgiveness and was inspired to examine my walk with God and if I had indeed truly forgiven those that hurt me, etc. I wrote the three most important things we need to 'get right and stay right with God' i.e. conviction, confession and repentance... Your message has helped me to let go of the rope that I have tugged on from time to time and that wasn't true forgiveness. I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit, confessed (specific sins) and repented of them. Thank you for this message that God put on your heart...by listening to you, I have been able to put it all in perspective once and for all. God bless your ministry."
- Viewer from LightSource.com

Winning Walk Testimony"My Family and I appreciate your ministry. I have a long drive to and from work every day but your CD's make the trip seem fast and I learn a great deal in the process. We also enjoy your weekly TV message ... Thank you for answering God's call!"
- Viewer from Kentucky

Winning Walk testimony"We have been married for 31 years. It has been an extremely rocky road, right from Day 1... My wife left me again 2 weeks ago... tonight I watched and recorded your programs on Daystar TV, concerning the husband. I could not believe what I heard tonight. What a MAJOR REVELATION of how to love, and the importance of non-sexual affection. I felt as though I had been hit by a train... I emailed my wife immediately, and begged her forgiveness, explaining what AMAZING REVELATION I had received. I accepted all the blame for the problems, and promised to make things right. I could not believe that I have never heard the sincerity of these aspects. You cannot start to imagine (sorry, you guys probably can) what trouble these errors have cost me. I always believed that I spoilt her with affection. WOW!!!! HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! These problems were never her fault, but entirely MINE. I did not know, and I am positive that there are millions of men out there who are just as ignorant. You have to qualify to be a preacher, teacher, builder, driver, etc., but we just walk into a marriage, which needs more qualification even than a medical doctor, totally ignorant and stupid. BUT, we think we know all about it. WOW!!!! HOW WRONG I WAS!!!!"
- Daystar TV viewer

Winning Walk Testimony"I subscribed for your podcast months ago. I like to listen to them over and over again, that way I can dissect each message and scripture thoroughly. I also use them to teach my 14 year old about the scripture. I enjoy and can understand the way Ed Young teaches in his sermons so much."
- From a podcast listener

Winning Walk testimony"Just want to say that I listen to your show on KCBI out of Dallas and I love it! God teaches me something through every broadcast."
- Radio listener from Texas

"His wonderful messages have helped build a strong foundation for our new marriage, have helped us through many challenges such as illnesses and the loss of loved ones in our family as well as providing inspiration and positive reinforcement during times when our lives are 'running smoother'"
- From a TV viewer

Winning Walk Testimony"I just wanted you to know that every night as I go to sleep, I listen to your CDs...Kinda washes away the garbage of the day...going to sleep with a positive message. I have listened to, and shared, 'How To Know That You Know' and 'Is' more times than I can count...You do an AMAZING job of spreading The Word of God. In case you ever wondered if your efforts make a difference, I can tell you that they do!!!!!!!!"
- From a TV and Internet viewer

"We are one of so many that are being blessed by the Radio Program you have here in our place at Sagay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines... we are listening to your 9:00-10:00 morning message on The Winning Walk and there are lots of good feedback from my friends and fellow pastors on the messages you have especially about Marriage. Our prayers that you could continue airing messages for the spiritual needs of the people listening to your program. And in behalf of our church and friends listening to The Winning Walk our deepest gratitude, thank you so much!"
- From a Radio listener in the Philippines

Winning Walk Testimony"I watch you every Sunday, when it is possible. I want you to know that, despite the fact that I am Catholic, your sermons have helped me grow spiritually in a fantastic way. Not only do I grow, but I also enjoy the manner in which you present the message. Very effective. God bless you. Today, I am writing because you made me cry. I had never heard a sermon as eloquent and beautiful...a sermon that touched my heart! GOD bless you, Pastor...and may your ministry continue to grow. Thank you for helping so many others around the world who, like me, every time we hear a sermon, draw closer to God."
- From a viewer in Guatemala

Winning Walk Testimony"I always look forward to and so enjoy your Sunday TV broadcast service (watch on Daystar). It is wonderful to always hear the TRUTH spoken (I never need say..'now wait a minute', after hearing you). It helps me tremendously to know there's someone who believes the same as me, and I also learn from hearing you. You are doing a marvelous work. Thank you so very much."
- From a Daystar TV viewer

Winning Walk Testimony"I've had some serious marital problems that have been weighing on my mind. This morning I had a strong urge to listen to something uplifting on my way to work. I scanned the stations on the radio and out of nowhere, a man was preaching about marriage. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! Needless to say, my soul was filled with joy instantly. I thank you for your message, and most importantly, I thank the Lord for you."
- From a Radio listener