God has a special plan and purpose for each person, for you and me! Yet too often I hear people say things like, “I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m this, I’m that…”

 Some may say, “But I’m not a great Christian. I’m not 100 percent.” Let me remind you that God doesn’t need you to be 100 percent! Abraham and Moses, Peter and Paul—they were all imperfect too! And God used them despite their flaws.

The truth is, God is ready to use you if you’ll just trust in the power of His name. Are you ready to be used by Him? Are you ready to drop the excuses, forget about yourself, and focus on Him, not on any weaknesses you might have?

God wants you to take all that you have, all your experiences and skills, and give them to Him. He wants you right now, where you are, with your background, your experience, young or old, to say, “I’m here! I’m ready to go! God has called me, and I’m going to start living for Him now.”

 God is ready for you. Are you ready for Him?