Dear Friend,

There’s a battle going on for your heart and soul. The Bible teaches that Satan, as the ruler of this world, is constantly seeking the spiritual demise of every Christian.

Now, if Satan has declared war, then the sensible thing to do would be to find out just as much as we can about our enemy: how he is likely to attack us, and how we can overcome him.

That’s why I want to send you my How You Can Win Against Satan booklet as my thanks for your gift this month.

How you can win against satan

How You Can Win Against Satan shows you how to anticipate and successfully respond to the enemy’s attack on your body, his attack on your mind, his attack on your will, and his attack on your conscience – all so you can live victoriously each and every day!

So be sure to request your copy of How You Can Win Against Satan as a thank-you for your best gift. My prayer is that you will be better equipped to win your spiritual battles… and that you’ll be blessed as you give to help others win theirs!