By Dr. Ed Young

When William Wilberforce was in the British House of Commons, he presented a bill that said slavery was immoral and illegal. In fact, he presented it for 18 straight years – and lost the vote every time. Slavery continued to be legal because so many politicians made a lot of money in the slave trade. 

Then, Wilberforce got some of them to go down to the harbor and see the slave ships come in – to see for themselves the brutality, inhumanity, and godlessness of treating a human being as an animal. And it broke their hearts. The next year when Wilberforce presented a bill, it passed! Slavery was made illegal through legislation.

I am inspired by this story not only for what it meant for slavery back then, but also for what it means for us now – that moral change can come to a nation. 

There are lies that American society has come to accept as truth. One of these lies is that the Church should have no voice in government, that there is no place for Christian leadership in legislation. 

Our country is where it is today through legislation, so – like Wilberforce – we must exercise our voice in that space. We need to speak up and speak out to reestablish God’s truths in our homes, communities, and nation.

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