Dear Friend,

Sometimes I imagine the conversations I’ll have with God when I get to heaven.

There, I'll see the blueprint of the life God planned for me — and here's how our chat could go...

Me: “Lord, You mean You had that for me?”

God: “Yes.”

Me: “Lord, why didn't You let me know?”

God: “I tried to... in church, but you wouldn't listen. Remember when you started reading the Bible regularly? I had so many things to tell you, but you became uninterested and closed the Book. Sometimes you completely ignored Me; you didn't have time to be bothered.”

Me: “But Lord, if I had only known!”

I often wonder the same about The Winning Walk.

Did God have a different plan? Could more have been done to reach more people?

But then I think about the last 40 years. I think about the lives that have been transformed by the proven truth of God’s Word—and the gifts and prayers from partners like you that made it possible.

I'm so grateful to you for joining me on this journey of obedience and faithfulness.

May you and I never stop seeking God's perfect plan in the days ahead! 

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