By Dr. Ed Young

I loved playing blocks with my granddaughter Nicole. We would try to build towers, but we didn’t have many blocks. So I went out and got a whole big bucket of them.

Then, we could really see how high the towers could go. But first, we always made sure the tower had a solid foundation. Inevitably, the height of the tower would depend on the number of blocks in the foundation.

Marriage is like that, too. Each block in the foundation of a healthy marriage is a principle mirrored to us by God: joy, humor, communication, sharing, forgiveness, love, selflessness, patience, and so many more.

God wants your marriage to be nothing short of incredible. But it takes work… work that can begin when you dive into His truth through the pages of my book, The 10 Commandments of Marriage.

Be sure to ask for your copy of this book as my thanks when you give today, because it will give you the “blocks” you need to revive and strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Thank you for all your support to help empower people all around the world with proven truth about love and marriage from God’s Word—so they too can experience all the joy that God intends for them.