By Dr. Ed Young

Dear Friend,

Life has probably looked different for you the past few weeks. Like me, I’m sure you’ve followed the news, changed your schedule, and practiced social distancing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much suffering; people have lost their lives. And then there’s been the economic impact.

It’s been a scary time for many people. And I imagine it has been for you too.

But as I shared earlier in this newsletter, you and I know Jehovah Jireh—God will provide. It’s during times like these that you and I must lean into Him. God’s Word gives us the winning way to live life and overcome fear, even amid the chaos and uncertainty.

My new 4-message series Know the Bible: Turning Points can help you go deeper in faith during these difficult times. So I do hope you’ll request it when you give a gift today.

Thank you for your support and prayers. May you and your loved ones find peace in knowing God is watching over you, now and always.