By Dr. Ed Young

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the US in March, your support has kept The Winning Walk a trusted source of proven truth for people across our nation and around the world.

Your prayers and generosity have made it possible to reach even more people during these uncertain times.

TV viewership increased by 41 percent 

Web traffic increased by 8 percent

YouTube views increased by 38 percent

This means more people are hearing the proven truth they need in these trying times  – and more people are overcoming fear with faith!

People like Beth, who recently shared…

“I just came across your program this morning. I’ve been struggling since this virus has shut everything down, and I want you to know how much this program today lifted me up. Thank you so much! It made me feel like I was right there in church! It was much needed and I will be watching again next Sunday. God bless!”

From the entire Winning Walk team, thank you for your prayers and generosity to share proven truth with people like Beth in this difficult season.