America is broken. That’s pretty easy to see on the big scale. Washington is broken, the courts are broken, Wall Street is broken...

But if we’re honest, we know it’s true of ourselves too. 

We see it so plainly in our relationships, don’t we? Even with those we love most, there can often be friction and frustration – which if left unchecked can ultimately lead to family breakdown.

It can be a very slippery slope.

Imagine a husband and wife arguing. They finish their fight with bruised hearts, and go to bed that night not speaking to one another.

 The next morning, they start the day with cold hearts. Within a matter of days, those cold hearts become hard hearts. And then, in time, they end up with the worst condition of all – apathetic hearts. 

It’s no surprise that God’s Word roots out our sinfulness and trains our hearts in godly living. Imagine the difference if our imaginary couple had taken Ephesians 4:32 seriously… 

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. 

Yes, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, the proven truth is that forgiveness and kindness keep us tender-hearted as we extend grace to one another just as God has to us. 

Living obediently like this in these “small” moments of everyday life really matters.  

Why? Because as we take God’s Word seriously, we grow in godliness and faithfulness – and that’s when we grow in our ability to influence our children, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, our communities, our politics, and our nation. 

Friend, America is broken.  And as we’ve seen, the heart of America’s problem is the problem of Americans’ hearts. Your role as a forgiven, redeemed, Spirit-filled believer is to proclaim the glory and goodness of God in word and deed – showing those around you that He is the One who has the power to heal hearts and ultimately restore our nation. 


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