Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, but counselors of peace have joy. – PROVERBS 12:20

“Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you” is not only a memorable song lyric, but an unforgettable principle. 

Years ago, my late wife, Jo Beth and I bought some furniture. Paid up, the merchant promised speedy delivery. Less than 24 hours later, the head delivery man said I owed more money. Certain services had been tucked away in the contract in print so fine as to be almost invisible. I paid, vowing never to do business with that company again.        

When the Proverb speaks of deceit, “fraud” is the word, especially with respect to “balances,” or scales used to determine weight and price. A heart that will skew the scales in business will be deceptive in every other relationship. “It’s just business,” goes the mantra. But it’s not, because deception becomes so routine the deceiver unconsciously cheats spouse, children and friends.        

On the other hand, there is an individual focused on serving others fairly. The cheater has the fleeting pleasure of monetary profit; the man or woman aiming at others’ fair treatment has enduring joy. 

Today’s Focus
Allow the Holy Spirit to weight your heart in His balances.  Are you out to get or out to give?  Ask the Lord for a heart of honesty and joy.

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