“Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips will praise Thee.” - PSALM 63:3

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Be careful how you talk about God. You sometimes hear people say, “I’m gonna have a little talk with Jesus.” That almost borders on the sacrilegious. When you deal with the Almighty in worship, you soon grasp that He is transcendent, He is holy other, He is beyond us. But when you have a true encounter with Christ, He who is transcendent becomes immanent as He dwells in you.

Your faith becomes personal and you develop an appetite for God. You push aside those things that get in the way and that clutter up your life. And when you have an appetite for God, you develop an appetite for truth, and an appetite for praise. Once you realize how much God loves you, you will just erupt in praise as David did, because you will be satisfied in God.

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