By Dr. Ed Young

I’ve noticed that we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that faith and doubt are opposites. That brings with it the implication that if you doubt you don’t have faith.

But I want to encourage you today and tell you that faith and doubt are not opposites. The real opposite of faith is unbelief.

Doubt, on the other hand, doesn’t negate faith; it simply obscures it. Think of doubt as a virus. It’s something you can have, but you can also get over it.

You find this in the story of Peter walking out to Jesus on the lake. He had faith, enough to get out of the boat. But then he faltered. Doubt set in. But don’t miss what happened next. He looked to Christ and said “Lord, save me.”

When he had doubts, Peter knew where to look, and I want to encourage you to do the same. Your doubts don’t have to derail your faith. Recognize them and deal with them, look to Jesus and say “Lord, save me.” And be encouraged knowing that you’re helping more people around the world do the same!

Through your partnership with The Winning Walk, you help so many people look to Jesus and put their faith in Him. And I’m deeply grateful.

Don’t forget to request your copy of my 5-message series, Overcoming Pain in Your Life, as my thanks for your continued support. Your gift will help reach more people with the proven truth of God’s Word, and I’m so happy to say thanks with this resource. 

I pray it helps you walk in the confidence that God cares for you no matter what you’re facing. Thanks again!

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