By Dr. Ed Young

Do you like spinach?

When it comes to reading and studying the Bible, many Christians would liken it to a child being force-fed slimy, green spinach.

But today, I want to suggest a way of studying the Bible that will make its pages come alive: Read the Word imaginatively!         

Become the person you’re reading about. How does he feel? How does she act? What else did they say? Some have referred to this method as reading the Bible with “a sanctified imagination.”

The Bible is alive, and it speaks truth into our lives today. With practice, we can recover the sense of wonder which has been dulled by the plastic world of social media and television.

This is something I pray helps you as you seek to mature in your walk with the Lord. I also hope you’ll request your copy of my book The Winning Walk that you read about on page 3 to help you along on your journey. It’s my gift to thank you for your generosity and support.

I wrote The Winning Walk over 30 years ago to equip Christians for the lifelong adventure of walking with Jesus, and its truths are just as relevant today as they were three decades ago. 

So please request your copy of The Winning Walk book today, and may God bless your adventure with Him in the coming days!

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