For the past 13 years, people all over India have been finding new life in Christ and encouragement in times of difficulty – thanks to faithful friends like you.

When The Winning Walk airs on Indian television, a hotline number appears so those with questions or prayer requests can call to speak with a counselor.

Sumangali has been calling for 10 years. As the only Christian in her family, she’s endured years of physical and emotional abuse from her husband.

The Winning Walk has been her lifeline  literally.

Forbidden to attend church, and sometimes even to read her Bible, Sumangali felt utterly alone. She called every day to share her sorrows and pray with someone who cared.

Cut off during the COVID lockdown, staff called Sumangali as soon as they could. Through tears, she shared…

“I had decided to end my life. There was no one to stand with me to help in trouble. Good that you called me back – now I will not end my life. Somebody is there to listen to me and pray for me.”  

It’s only thanks to your support that moments like this can happen. Thank you for giving so lives like Sumangali’s can be saved!

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