Standing on the Promises

You might be surprised, but God has made us many promises. He has provided promises that will meet every situation of our lives. But rather than claiming this inheritance, so many of us instead live a life of spiritual poverty or we often misuse the promises God has given us.

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Survive the Day

In "Survive the Day", Pastor Ben Young reveals that life is a continual journey of surrender and trusting God with the complexities, uncertainties and trials of this life. There is no "one size fits all" solution. Instead Ben offers proven strategies for finding peace in the midst of dark days.

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Know the Bible: Grace in Action

Not one second of your life is meaningless or overlooked by God. Discover how grace can infuse your life with power in Dr. Young’s series Know the Bible: Grace in Action. Struggling with doubt? God gives grace to believe. Feeling worthless and unseen? He gives grace to thrive. Burdened for others? He gives grace to share His Good News with boldness. No matter how messy or mundane life gets, God is there—with you, for you, giving grace for what you need. In every moment.

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Sex Crazed Culture

Sex is a sacred gift from God that He wants to be celebrated only in marriage. And the truth is, the church has fallen down on the job and let the secular realm inform how human sexuality should be viewed.

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Love: A Many-Splendored Thing

The Christian life is a love life. Love is to be the primary motivating factor in every Christ follower. Without it, no amount of wealth, talent, academic degrees or sacrifice will matter. Dr. Ed Young opens up the most famous word on love you can find in literature – I Corinthians Chapter 13 – and it will revolutionize your life.

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12 Steps sermon series

12 Steps

How long a journey would you take to conquer the area in your life that holds you back? How far would you go to be free? Would you walk 12 Steps?

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The Church Awake sermon series

The Church Awake

So many voices clamor for our attention today that it can be difficult to separate the true from the false or to understand what's behind cultural trends and the threat they represent to a biblical worldview. This series provides that clarity and explains what it takes to live courageously and take a stand against the forces that seek to silence us and compromise our witness.

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Unmasking Evil

Evil is unlike anything else on earth. It's destructive, but humans are strangely attracted to it. Dr. Young peels back evil's deceptively appealing veneer in his new 5-message series, Unmasking Evil, and shows you how to disarm and defeat the ugliness of evil and sin all around you. In this series you'll discover why God must allow suffering to continue for a to respond to the evil in our world...and God's ultimate plan to rid His creation of pain and heartache forever.

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Written in Stone

Some people think the Ten Commandments are old-fashioned, archaic, and inapplicable to our lives today. But you and I know that couldn't be further from the truth. That's the truth I share in my sermon series titled Written in Stone.

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Finding the True Meaning of Life

Deep in the heart of every person is the desire for a rich and meaningful life. But that kind of life often seems out of reach...elusive...unattainable.

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Room for Doubt

We can’t be prepared for every circumstance or argument the world throws at us, but Room for Doubt can help you know what to do when something does challenge your faith.

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Joy! Experiencing God's Grace and Peace in Turbulent Times

Finding joy when facing the turbulent waters of life can be difficult. In fact, it can seem like an impossible task at times! Thankfully, God has promised that He will never leave you or abandon you. He does have a plan and purpose for you. And He even has a reason for those trials you may be going through.

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Cardinal Rules for a Happy Home

Cardinal Rules for a Happy Home is a 90 day devotional compiled from the decades of preaching, counseling, and personal life experiences of Dr. Ed Young.

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There are different types of loneliness and each is painful and isolating. An inner voice seems to reverberate through the chambers of your heart, "you're alone" but God offers a solution!

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The One Year Chronological Bible

You don't have to be a Bible historian to appreciate the fascinating new perspective waiting for you in The One Year Chronological Bible. It's like reading some of your favorite passages again for the very first time.

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Heaven Is

Scripture says when life leaves the body of a Christian they will go to Heaven. But what will Heaven be like? What will we look like? What will we do there?

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Overcoming Tough Times

Suffering is absolutely inevitable! It's a part of life! And if you want to learn something about suffering, you have to study the book of Job. There's no other book, inside or outside scripture, that gives us more insight than the oldest book - Job. Job was an expert on suffering - personally, professionally and physically - and he shares God's answers to Job's questions and gives us valuable insights to our own questions about suffering today.

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Living Life with No Regrets

What if God has a purpose for the challenges we face? What if the person we will be when we work through them far exceeds anything we can imagine? God wants to make you a diamond. He is cutting and polishing you and helping you grow and mature so your life will have real value and quality.

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