Know the Bible: Turning Points

The crossroads moments in life are turning points that God uses to get our attention! The decisions we make at those moments can alter everything from that point forward, often resulting in a new perspective or a renewed sense of purpose. Such moments can literally redefine us. That is why we need to listen for God's voice and trust Him to help us make the right decisions and to choose the path that leads in the direction he wants us to go.

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Answers to Life's Big Questions

Journey through the book of Ecclesiastes as King Solomon searches for happiness and meaning in all the wrong places. Discover why everything you chase after will always leave you feeling empty - until you make God the center of your life.

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Culture Clash

Our culture today has put us in the middle of opposing ideologies and it’s getting harder to discern the truth. We need a Biblical response for the issues of our day & courage to take a stand.

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Battle Plan

Whether you realize it or not, you live in a war zone. You may not see it but you fight it every day. It is an all-out spiritual battle for your heart and soul against Satan and his evil forces. Be ready to defend yourself against whatever the evil one throws your way, and learn about the ultimate weapon that works every time you’re in the heat of spiritual battle.

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Counter Cultural

The Sermon on the Mount presents practical principles for "countercultural living." Applying them requires us to "swim upstream" in a world that is broken, but we learn along the way that countercultural living results in true happiness and transforms every dimension of our lives.

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Growing Stronger

The stresses and strains of life can cause us to slip back into old patterns – especially when it comes to our relationship with the Lord. So when life gets hard, how do we keep our faith strong?

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Growing a Christian Personality

If you're interested in being an authentic son or daughter of God - if you would like to have a lifestyle that's absolutely full, exciting & meaningful - if you want to have the real stuff that God offers everyone who comes into a relationship with His Son - then join Dr. Ed Young as he unpacks the book of 1st Peter and learn how to grow a Christian personality.

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Happy People, Vol. 1

Would you like to know the secret to true happiness? Join Dr. Ed Young as he takes an in-depth look at what Jesus has to say in the Sermon on the Mount and learn what true happiness means for every believer.

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Happy People, Vol. 2

If you asked almost any audience, “What are you looking for in life?”, the most common answer by far is “I just want a little bit of happiness.” Jesus knew this when He delivered the Sermon on the Mount but He also knew the true definition of happiness is living with God’s stamp of approval. Join Dr. Young as he studies the character traits that God is looking for in our lives and learn how to experience lasting happiness.

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Heaven: A Place Prepared for You!

Dr. Ed Young’s booklet titled Heaven: A Place Prepared for You! is an essential tool to helping you understand what heaven is going to be like. The booklet takes you through Revelation 21 and delivers a clear interpretation for what we can expect when we arrive there someday. The booklet is 64 pages long. (AB0029)

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Does your life reflect your faith? Living the Christian Life is countercultural in our world today. While secular society values wealth, power and image—Jesus uses parables to warn us about the subtle idols that take the place of God in our lives.

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Know God by Name

What’s God really like? Creator of the universe? Healer? Father Figure? Join Dr. Ed Young as he studies five of the names of God found in scripture and you’ll find your relationship with God deepening as you gain a greater understanding of God’s nature and character.

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Game Changers: Five Keys to Winning At Life

In Dr. Young’s brand-new series, Game Changers: Five Keys to Winning at Life, you’ll learn how to surround yourself with the right motivators, keep your eyes on the prize, and stick to God’s game plan for success.

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The Rules of Success

How do we achieve true success? Become wealthy, buy whatever we want, do whatever we want whenever we want? Not for followers of Christ – true success is found when we walk with God. Join Dr. Ed Young as he explains what it means to walk with God – to discover the real purpose and plan for your life – and experience the true success and ultimate fulfillment that God has waiting for each of us.

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Healing the Family

Join Dr. Ed Young as he takes a Biblical look at the most important relationship issues in our lives – from dating & singleness to marriage, sex and divorce.

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Know that You Know

How do we truly know we are in God’s family, a son or a daughter of His? That answer lies in the book of 1 John. Join Dr. Ed Young as he studies this powerful book by the Apostle John so you can know that you know and be assured of your future in eternity.

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New Beginnings

Dr. Ed Young's 3-message series, New Beginnings, discusses this new lens that Christ gives us. May it help you see God's love for you more clearly - and discover that He is nearer to you than you could ever imagine.

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One Way: From Guilt to Grace

Whether it’s a son or daughter, a friend, a neighbor, or a coworker, the burden you feel for them to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior is profound. This 5-message DVD series, One Way: From Guilt to Grace, helps anyone understand the great love God has for us and walks them through— verse by verse—what the scripture says about coming to, and living in, faith.

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