How to Be Right With God

Jesus completed the work on the cross to give us the most precious gift of all. In this series, Dr. Ed Young takes an in-depth look at the book of Romans and How to Be Right With God.

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Overcoming Pain

If God is good, why does He let you feel painful emotions like anxiety, depression and doubt? Dr. Ed Young addresses these issues and shows you, with the proven truth of God's word, the key to unleashing God's power in your life to overcome any painful feeling you may experience!

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The Favorite 5, Vol. 1

In this series entitled The Favorite 5, Dr. Ed Young invites you to experience his most prolific messages from recent years. In this insightful series, Dr. Young addresses issues concerning what’s wrong with the American worldview, the significance of suffering in the Christian life, and the nature and power of the Word of God.

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The Favorite 5, Vol. 2

Are you feeling clueless on how to deal with situations in your life right now? If so, Dr. Ed Young has solid answers from God’s Word in his latest collection of best-selling messages which will give you an anchor amidst the storm. When you receive his DVD series, you’ll come to know much more surely that God is in control, you’ll develop a new intimacy with Him, and you’ll find ways to create a closer connection in your other important relationships. Don’t miss out!

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The Winning Walk

Walking involves practically every muscle in the body. And no one is born with the ability to walk. It requires training, strength, balance, coordination, determination and time.

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Know the Bible: In The Beginning

How amazing it is that the God Who created us in His image loves us completely, pursues us and desires to be in relationship with us. In this series Dr. Young looks at the relationships of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Jacob and discovers how God has designed us for worship and fellowship with Him. Dr. Young begins this journey with this 4 message collection of Genesis from Creation to Jacob.

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End Times

As believers, we don't need to fear the end of the world. Jesus tells us that He will return for His children. In this 5 message series, Dr. Ed Young takes an in-depth look at death, the second coming of Christ, the great judgment and the promise of Heaven. This study will enable you to be confident in your future knowing the proven truth of God's plan for the end of time.

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Transformation: 6 Weeks to Change Your Life

God wants us to surrender ALL of ourselves to Him. So how do we do that? In Dr. Ed Young's brand-new DVD Series, Transformation: 6 Weeks to Change Your Life, he shares practical steps from Romans 12 to help you renew your mind, offer true worship, and walk in the will of God for your life. You'll learn how to truly surrender yourself to the Lord and experience real transformation.

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About The Winning Walk

Dr. Young's passion with the Winning Walk is to outfit your life with the proven truth of God's Word so you will be able to follow wherever the Master leads and experience the abundant life He intends you to have. More

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