Sermon Series

Truth for Today: A 30 Day Audio Devotional

We all need to take time each day to listen to God and meditate on His Word. In this 30-day audio devotional you'll discover an easy way to begin a lifelong habit of a daily quiet time. Each day's devotional is read by Dr. Young and includes a Bible verse, an engaging illustration and words of encouragement to reflect on throughout your day.

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Fear Less

Fear is rampant throughout the world today with global uncertainty fueling worry, stress, and panic. But what if you didn’t have to live afraid? What if you could live fearless? Find out how you can break free from fear and stand firm in God’s unshakable peace with Dr. Young’s powerful series Fear Less.

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Parental Guidance

While most anyone can become a parent, successful parenting eludes many, as evidenced by the ongoing moral erosion of our society and nation. Even Christian families find themselves spiraling out of control as their children fall victim to drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, and even suicide.

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The Classic Seven

Life is busy for most people. It seems there are never enough hours in the day. That's why I put together The Classic 7 sermon series. This collection ensures you won't miss my most popular sermons in recent years. There is something for everyone in this series. May these messages inspire and encourage you in your faith.

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Elijah: Truth For All Seasons

The prophet Elijah was a great man of God who stood for truth in the face of a pagan king and an idolatrous nation. However, like many of us today he faced anxiety, burnout and depression. Despite his weaknesses God used Elijah in mighty ways.

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Made to Climb

So many great events in the story of God's people took place on a mountaintop. From Elijah calling down God's fire on Mount Carmel to Noah's experience on Mount Ararat, God leads His followers to the summit to show them something new and unexpected that could only come from him. You're no different.

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Discovering What Really Matters

Join Dr. Ed Young in the book of Ecclesiastes to identify the ungodly choices that led Solomon astray and read his nuggets of wisdom for living a life that pleases God and leaves us with no regrets.

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Living Life with No Regrets

What if God has a purpose for the challenges we face? What if the person we will be when we work through them far exceeds anything we can imagine? God wants to make you a diamond. He is cutting and polishing you and helping you grow and mature so your life will have real value and quality.

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Overcoming Tough Times

Suffering is absolutely inevitable! It's a part of life! And if you want to learn something about suffering, you have to study the book of Job. There's no other book, inside or outside scripture, that gives us more insight than the oldest book - Job. Job was an expert on suffering - personally, professionally and physically - and he shares God's answers to Job's questions and gives us valuable insights to our own questions about suffering today.

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Heaven Is

Scripture says when life leaves the body of a Christian they will go to Heaven. But what will Heaven be like? What will we look like? What will we do there?

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Love: A Many-Splendored Thing

The Christian life is a love life. Love is to be the primary motivating factor in every Christ follower. Without it, no amount of wealth, talent, academic degrees or sacrifice will matter. Dr. Ed Young opens up the most famous word on love you can find in literature – I Corinthians Chapter 13 – and it will revolutionize your life.

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Written in Stone

Some people think the Ten Commandments are old-fashioned, archaic, and inapplicable to our lives today. But you and I know that couldn't be further from the truth. That's the truth I share in my sermon series titled Written in Stone.

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Unmasking Evil

Evil is unlike anything else on earth. It's destructive, but humans are strangely attracted to it. Dr. Young peels back evil's deceptively appealing veneer in his new 5-message series, Unmasking Evil, and shows you how to disarm and defeat the ugliness of evil and sin all around you. In this series you'll discover why God must allow suffering to continue for a to respond to the evil in our world...and God's ultimate plan to rid His creation of pain and heartache forever.

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Transformation: 6 Weeks to Change Your Life

God wants us to surrender ALL of ourselves to Him. So how do we do that? In Dr. Ed Young's brand-new DVD Series, Transformation: 6 Weeks to Change Your Life, he shares practical steps from Romans 12 to help you renew your mind, offer true worship, and walk in the will of God for your life. You'll learn how to truly surrender yourself to the Lord and experience real transformation.

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End Times

As believers, we don't need to fear the end of the world. Jesus tells us that He will return for His children. In this 5 message series, Dr. Ed Young takes an in-depth look at death, the second coming of Christ, the great judgment and the promise of Heaven. This study will enable you to be confident in your future knowing the proven truth of God's plan for the end of time.

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Know the Bible: In The Beginning

How amazing it is that the God Who created us in His image loves us completely, pursues us and desires to be in relationship with us. In this series Dr. Young looks at the relationships of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Jacob and discovers how God has designed us for worship and fellowship with Him. Dr. Young begins this journey with this 4 message collection of Genesis from Creation to Jacob.

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The Favorite 5, Vol. 2

Are you feeling clueless on how to deal with situations in your life right now? If so, Dr. Ed Young has solid answers from God’s Word in his latest collection of best-selling messages which will give you an anchor amidst the storm. When you receive his DVD series, you’ll come to know much more surely that God is in control, you’ll develop a new intimacy with Him, and you’ll find ways to create a closer connection in your other important relationships. Don’t miss out!

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The Favorite 5, Vol. 1

In this series entitled The Favorite 5, Dr. Ed Young invites you to experience his most prolific messages from recent years. In this insightful series, Dr. Young addresses issues concerning what’s wrong with the American worldview, the significance of suffering in the Christian life, and the nature and power of the Word of God.

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