Dr. Young has often stated that the highest calling in the world, next to being a Christian, is being a mother. A few years ago, he asked his wife, Jo Beth, whom he considered “the number one mom in the world,” to offer words of encouragement, challenge and inspiration to all moms and grandmothers. Watch her message, which was shared with her Second Family on Mother’s Day 2007, as we observe Mother’s Day and celebrate the moms who have had a significant impact on our lives..

“What an influence a mother is to her children and her grandchildren. And so our question today is, what is evident in your life? Is there outer evidence of your inner relationship with Jesus Christ? Is He living in you?” – Mrs. Jo Beth Young, Mother’s Day

Jo Beth Young was the proud mom of her sons Ed, Ben, and Cliff, all of whom serve in the ministry. Ed is the pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. Ben and Cliff serve as pastors here at Second. She was the beloved “Mimi” of her 11 grandchildren: Lee Beth, E.J., Landra, Laurie, Nicole, Claire, Rachel, Susannah, Benjamin, Bekah and Samuel; and great-grandmother to Sterling.

As a gifted teacher of God’s Word, Jo Beth faithfully taught Bible study classes, often on multiple campuses. From her charges to the wives of deacons and pastors at ordination services, to the fun and inspiring lessons at women’s retreats or Mother’s Day services, Jo Beth modeled grace, dignity, and faithfulness in all things. jobeth-painting

She was the beloved “Joby” to her husband, our pastor, Dr. Ed Young. She was the model pastor’s wife, always supporting Dr. Young’s ministry and encouraging him. She never wanted to be up front. Instead, she made an impact behind the scenes, extending the arms of our pastor and church to the membership and surrounding community. Her family would be the first to tell you that Jo Beth modeled the love of I Corinthians 13 and the “blessed woman” of Proverbs 31.

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