The culture in our world today is as troubled and problem-ridden as it was in 1st-century Corinth. In light of the issues that confront us on a daily basis, it is essential that we focus on the great spiritual values that make a walk of faith vital and relevant. We can no longer settle for comfortable Christianity if we are to be victorious against the forces that are eroding the very foundations of our civilization.

Under Authority


The truth is, authority is necessary for human flourishing. Dr. Young shares why authority is necessary today – and how to avoid slipping into …

Fools For Christ


We live in a celebrity-loving culture that values fame, reputation, and name recognition. As we seek to serve on God’s team, we must recognize that …

A Ghost Forest


If the culture seeps into the church, it is like a poison that undermines its very foundation. To prevent this, we must have a clear understanding of …

A Spiritual Appetite


When you develop a hunger for the spiritual nourishment God provides through His Word, you will become better equipped to know the mind of Christ, to …

The Mind of Christ


God makes available to us, through His Holy Spirit, the very mind of Christ. Imagine what that is like, and how this can transform your daily walk, …

Something to Boast About


The world may applaud prestige, power, and wealth, but God has leveled the playing field through His Son, who embodied both the wisdom of God and the …

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