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God’s Attention To Detail

July 21, 2024

God’s detailed handiwork in creation gives evidence to His existence.

The Power Of A Story

July 20, 2024

There is an undeniable authority to your personal testimony.

Open Doors

July 19, 2024

What to do when you can’t make decisions.

Nicodemus, Kansas

July 18, 2024

To escape sin’s slavery we must be born again spiritually.

A Second Chance

July 17, 2024

Through the good news of Jesus, we can have a second chance in life.

Stop Playing God

July 16, 2024

God’s plan for your life is so much better than yours!

Got Delights In His Children

July 15, 2024

When we receive Christ, we become God’s children.

The Melody Of Love

July 14, 2024

Keep the melody of God’s love ringing in your heart.

Jesus Breaks Down Barriers

July 13, 2024

Jesus breaks down barriers that inhibit people from seeing others as God sees them.

Lift Him Up

July 12, 2024

Does your life reflect the light of Christ shining through you?


July 11, 2024

True security is found in surrender to God.

A Restored Relationship

July 10, 2024

The tragic result of sin is not a broken rule, but a broken relationship.

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