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Character and Commitment

February 25, 2024
Wise parents soon learn that God’s way isn’t complicated, but it is costly! Parents who want their children to have lives that are worthwhile and fulfilling will discipline in love, let kids experience the results of poor choices, and recognize that their goal as parents is to help their kids grow to experience all that God intended for them.

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Parenting by the Book

Practical Parenting February 18, 2024
Distractions can be detrimental to family health. Kids need both the time and focused attention of their parents. Successful parents know how important it is to create and take advantage of timely opportunities to connect with their kids.
Unconditional Love February 11, 2024
Jesus issued severe warnings to anyone who would harm a child or cause him to stumble. When parents love their children unconditionally and provide the discipline and instruction they need, they help them grow into the men and women God created them to become.
The Highest Calling February 04, 2024
As the foundational cornerstones of our culture crumble around us, it is more important than ever for men and women to know how to hit the center of the target in the way they parent their children. Parents have the highest calling in the world, and they exercise that calling by helping their children find and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.