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Marks of a Mature Christian

December 03, 2023
Is there a standard for measuring Christian maturity? How do you move from being an immature, adolescent Christian to a mature believer who has the sweet aroma of Christ in his life? The answer may surprise you!

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Growing Stronger

Abundant Living December 31, 2023
It is possible to avoid the dangers of becoming stagnant in our Christian walk. When we know that we belong to Christ, we grow day by day as we invite Him to transform everything about us. The result is joy – real joy – and the overflowing, abundant life God intend for His children.
Real, Radical and Authentic December 10, 2023
Whether you came to Christ through a natural, gentle process, a dramatic encounter with the Lord, or following a painful prodigal experience, we are all called to grow and develop in our walk with Christ day by day. God calls us, and equips us, to commit to an ongoing, intentional growth until our lives reflect the presence of Christ in us.