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November 26, 2023
How we respond to the disappointments, temptations, and injustices in our lives depends on our perspective. Only when we learn to practice vertical living will we be able to see God at work. And only then will we discover that we no longer have room for envy, resentment or bitterness.

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Overcoming Pain In Your Life

Depression November 19, 2023
Feelings of sadness, a sense of hopelessness, unexplained fatigue, and a loss of zest are painful but familiar symptoms of depression, one of the leading causes of disease in the western world. While there are many contributing factors, the first step toward a cure is consistent: a willingness to let God have His way in our lives.
Anxiety November 05, 2023
Anxiety can choke all the joy and contentment out of life. If we’re totally honest with ourselves, we admit that most of our anxiety comes from our desire to run our own lives. We worry about the mistakes of the past, and fear the uncertainties of the future, instead od trusting God’s daily provision for every situation.