Know That You Know

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Do All Roads Lead to Heaven


You may have encountered people who believe that there are many roads and many paths to heaven and that it doesn’t matter which one you take as long …

Know that Jesus is God


Because God wants us to live with confidence in this life and have assurance of eternal life with Him, He has given us all the evidence we need that …

Know the Witness of the Spirit


Love is encompassed in who God is, what He has done for us, and what He continues to do. When our walk is consistent with what we profess, others …

Know the Real from the Phony


Can we know when a choice we make is consistent with God’s will? How can we discern when something is valid and true and will stand up to the …

Know the Applause of God


Nothing is hidden from God and there is no comfortable middle ground for those who embrace the worldview of a Christ-follower. To do so means you may …

Know Real Change


When God’s Word tells us to do something, it always gives us the reason why. While change may occur in a moment, godly character is developed over …

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