Know the Bible: Turning Points

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Free Enterprise: A Biblical Perspective


Gradualism is a frightening word. It refers to what happens when we move away from operating on the basis of the wisdom God provides for us. To …

The Presence of God


One of the greatest challenges of our culture is that, as a people, we have lost our sense of the holiness of God. The solution: Don’t put God in a …



Sometimes God’s grace comes to us in the form of discipline. If we fail to listen to God when He whispers to us in love, He may force us to listen …

God Will Provide


Once you have enrolled in God’s school of faith, you can expect to encounter some challenging tests along the way. The tests God allows us to face …

How to Make Decisions


Walking with God is a daily discipline. When you are consistent in your walk with the Lord, and apply the timeless principles of His Word in your …



Have you ever stopped to think that one way we are unique in creation is that God has given us the capacity to worship Him? When our worship is …

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