Made to Climb

So many great events in the story of God's people took place on a mountaintop. From Elijah calling down God's fire on Mount Carmel to Noah's experience on Mount Ararat, God leads His followers to the summit to show them something new and unexpected that could only come from him. You're no different.

Dr. Ed Young's  4-part sermon series Made to Climb takes you to the mountain top of your faith so you can hear God's Word to you - and carry His powerful message to the valley of life below.

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Mount Calvary

5/31/24 | 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

In a very real sense, the whole story of life is acted out in history on Mount Calvary. It was here, on what we refer to as Good Friday, that Jesus …

Mountain of Beatitudes

5/29/24 | Matthew 5:1-6

Do you want to experience the approval of God? When you genuinely receive Christ as your Savior and Lord, you can have confidence that you are …

Mountain of Temptation

5/27/24 | Matthew 3:16

We are all tempted to do things that satisfy ourselves and our desires rather than the things that point us to God. But God gives His children the …

Mountain of Exception

5/23/24 | 1 Samuel 15

Partial obedience to the will of God will take us in the wrong direction. If, instead, we invite God to run our lives, we will discover that the path …

Mountain of Unfulfillment

5/21/24 | Deuteronomy 34:1-8

When we try to run our own lives, we will get in trouble every time! How much better it is to trust God and believe that He is fully capable of …

Mountain of Validation

5/17/24 | Luke 9:28

We need worship in order to focus on those things that are most important so that our work will have validity and power. In other words, the time we …

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