Parenting 911

Parenting is quite possibly the most challenging job on the planet! That’s why God’s Word provides clear, practical, and effective principles for raising great kids. These “Ten Commandments of Parenting,” when applied, can help you overcome the 9-1-1 challenges of parenting in today’s broken world.

Thou Shalt Not Be A Passive Parent


Passive parents are not spiritual leaders in their homes, they do not provide the direction their children need, and they fail to build the right …

Thou Shalt Encourage Your Children


Parents are mirrors for their children and play a vital role in how their children see themselves and their potential. Parents who want their …

Thou Shalt Provide Stability & Security


The key to laying a spiritual foundation for your children is to equip them to develop a biblical worldview. Parents who use the wisdom God provides …

Thou Shalt Discipline Your Children


Discipline in the home, if it is to be consistent and appropriate, is demanding work and requires wisdom. But discipline is a critical part of the …

Thou Shalt Spend Time With Your Children


For children, love equates to time, both quality and quantity time spent with them. Parents can demonstrate their love for their children by being …

Thou Shalt Teach Your Children


Our homes are the most important schools our children will attend. So, if your home is a classroom, what are you teaching? Parents need to know what …

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