Parenting by the Book

Parenting advice has become an industry of its own, with millions of dollars spent each year on books and resources that claim to teach parents how to successfully raise their children. But even with all the information at our fingertips, parenting remains difficult and complicated. That is because there is only one way – God’s way – to build into our children the guidance system they need to navigate through today’s troubled times.

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Character and Commitment


Wise parents soon learn that God’s way isn’t complicated, but it is costly! Parents who want their children to have lives that are worthwhile and …

Practical Parenting


Distractions can be detrimental to family health. Kids need both the time and focused attention of their parents. Successful parents know how …

Unconditional Love


Jesus issued severe warnings to anyone who would harm a child or cause him to stumble. When parents love their children unconditionally and provide …

The Highest Calling


As the foundational cornerstones of our culture crumble around us, it is more important than ever for men and women to know how to hit the center of …

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