Psalms: A Shelter in the Storm

Whether you find yourself in the depths of despair and discouragement, or are experiencing the heights of joy and celebration, the book of Psalms has a message for you. This hymnbook of the Bible teaches us to pray, provides comfort in times of adversity, reminds us of God’s power, love and forgiveness, and encourages us to voice our most honest feelings. In this collection of messages from the Psalms, you will discover why you can confidently turn to God in even the darkest moments and be assured that He hears you and is at work in your life.

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Hurt Hurting


Nothing compares to the pain and despair we experience when we feel God has turned His back on us. If we are willing, God will use that pain as our …

Good Morning Lord


Consider how amazing it is that the Creator of all the universe and the Creator of life itself wants to have a personal relationship with you! As …

The Smile of God


Just as a child who is frightened and alone wants to be comforted by his father, we seek comfort in moments of desperation by crying out for God to …

Looking Up From The Bottom


What sustains you in moments of crisis? What should you do when you feel that everything is against you? You may turn in a number of directions, but …

God Laughs


God is a refuge to those who place their trust in Him. We live in a culture that recognizes no absolutes and finds biblical morality unacceptable. …

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