Romans 8 A New Identity

Romans 8 is often regarded as the greatest chapter in the Bible. Its 39 verses contain the practical truths and amazing assurance that are foundational to the Christian life. These messages will deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Christian and will celebrate the radical truth that, we can become members of the family of God who can never be separated from His love.

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The Right Direction


In a season of uncertainty, or when something happens that you didn’t anticipate, how can you know you are making wise choices and are headed in the …

Christlike Living


When we become members of God’s family, He gives us the Holy Spirit to be our counselor, our helper, and our healer. The Spirit operates like a …



The genius of the Christian life is to know that you are “in Christ.” But how did Jesus – through His birth, life, death, and resurrection – fulfill …

Christianity Simplified


Romans 8 provides the ABCs of the Christian life. It teaches us how to live as God intended, and it contains the welcome news that God has done for …

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