Romans 8 The Victorious Life

Even when you are on God’s team and a member of His family you are not exempt from problems. But whatever is going on in your life, God is more powerful. We can be confident of His love and provision, and trust that nothing comes into our lives that has not been filtered through His will for us and directed by Him for our good. God’s promises are overwhelming, His resources are super-abundant, and His love for us is amazing. Despite any circumstances, we may go through, He will help us live in victory!

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More Than Conquerors


Nothing happens to us that has not been filtered through God’s love for us. Therefore, when challenging circumstances come into our lives, we can be …

Lion Chasers


We can be confident that God will not waste what we are going through. He uses our past experiences to prepare us for future opportunities. This …

Who Can Be Against Us


God loves to give good gifts to His children, and He desires that we relate to Him as a child to a loving parent. He looks for ways to help us, lead …

God's Role in Salvation


Every person is born with something of the image of God upon his life, but only when that person surrenders control to Christ does he receive the …

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