The Church Awake

So many voices clamor for our attention today that it can be difficult to separate the true from the false or to understand what’s behind cultural trends and the threat they represent to a biblical worldview.

This series provides that clarity and explains what it takes to live courageously and take a stand against the forces that seek to silence us and compromise our witness. 

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How we respond to the disappointments, temptations, and injustices in our lives depends on our perspective. Only when we learn to practice vertical …



Feelings of sadness, a sense of hopelessness, unexplained fatigue, and a loss of zest are painful but familiar symptoms of depression, one of the …

From Confusion to Clarity


God has placed boundaries in our lives to protect us and those we love, but today’s culture is intent on tearing down those boundaries and destroying …

The Cost of Freedom


The fabric of America is delicate, but it is also strong. Today, as never before, this fabric is being stretched, and the very foundations upon which …

​Socialism vs. Capitalism


As we interact with contemporary culture, we need to exercise discernment with everything we see and hear. As the culture redefines and reinterprets …

​In The Wilderness


A culture with no absolute truth is characterized by a constant flurry of counterfeit “truths” that lead to confusion and chaos. As Christians, we …

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