Get back up

June 21, 2021
“O my God, my soul is in despair within me.” - PSALM 42:6

The King James version of this verse says, “I am cast down.” David was a shepherd, and I think he is referring to a sheep that was cast. That is what they would call a sheep that might lie down in a little scooped out place, roll over on his back – and realize he could no longer get up. A cast sheep is a sheep in danger.

How many times had David rescued a sheep that might otherwise have died from starvation or heat exhaustion. That is precisely the expression David is using here. “My soul is cast down. I’m on my back and I can’t get up. I’m going to die unless someone helps me. And God, I know you are the only One who can help.”

If you read on in this psalm and the next, you hear David say, “Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him.” David brings God into the situation and he knows that God will minister to him and meet his needs. Is there any reason to doubt that he will do the same for you?

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