God Is Always Right on Time

December 13, 2023
God Is Always Right on Time
"It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear."
Isaiah 65:24

Helen Roseveare was a medical doctor who was serving in Africa. Late one night a woman went into premature labor. Although Helen battled all she could, the woman died giving birth. The doctor told the midwife that they needed a hot water bottle to keep the premature baby warm.

The next morning, the doctor made rounds and prayed with a group of children in the orphanage. She told them about the baby who was fighting to stay alive. A little girl named Ruth prayed, “Dear God, please send us a hot water bottle today. Tomorrow may be too late.”

About noon, someone told the doctor that a truck had delivered a package to her home. One of the things in that package was a hot water bottle.

Did you know that Christianity is all about a gift that came at just the right time? We desperately needed Jesus to save us from judgment. Without Him, the Bible says we were “dead in our transgressions.” But through Him, we are forgiven and saved for all eternity. Praise God for sending Jesus just when we needed Him most.

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