God’s Refining Fire

April 02, 2024
God’s Refining Fire
“When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold."
Job 23:10

Suffering is God’s way of refining us. Passing through the fire of trials and difficulties burns away the dross and purifies us, like gold. 

We see this illustrated in the life of Job. When he experienced his terrible suffering, he refused to curse or question God. He endured the chastisement, scolding, and judgment of his so-called friends. When they finally “rested their case” God spoke, putting everyone, including Job, in their place. Job’s response: “I had heard of You, now I see You.” 

Job’s affliction helped him to see God as never before and to grow in His understanding, faith, and trust of the Almighty. So whenever you experience trials and afflictions, thank God for His refining fire and for considering you His precious gold.

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