Morning Is Coming

August 07, 2023
Morning Is Coming
"Where can I go from Your Spirit, or where can I flee from your presence?"
Psalms 139:7

When a storm hits, it will reveal whether your life is built on a solid foundation or on sand. Storms give us an opportunity to honor God in a better way than at any other time. We don’t invite storms, but we can face them because we know that God’s grace will be sufficient.

One night, a little girl became frightened because a terrible storm with lightning and strong winds was keeping her awake. The next morning, at the breakfast table, she asked her father, “Where was God last night in the middle of that storm?” Before her dad could answer her, she said, “I think I know. I think He was busy making a morning.” In the worst of life’s storms, we too can be confident that God is making a morning.

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