Our Primary Purpose

September 09, 2023
Our Primary Purpose
"I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of your marvelous works."
Psalms 9:1

God designed all of creation with purpose. From microscopic molecules to the crown of creation, human beings, everything has His assigned purpose. We know God created us in His image, making our purpose high and unique: We are created and called to be worshipers. That’s right. God has placed in every man and woman a heart for worship. So make praising the Lord with your whole heart a daily part of your devotional routine. You can begin by choosing psalms that offer worship to God and reading them to Him or expressing them in your own words.

I find that doing this helps me to praise Him and gratefully tell of His marvelous works. And remember, whenever we do this, we are being true to God’s primary purpose for creating us – to be His worshipers.

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