Stop playing God

November 30, 2020
"The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." - PROVERBS 16:9

Constant stress is like a stretched-out rubberband. Take a rubber band, stretch it, and leave it stretched for longer and longer periods of time. Eventually it will snap, or it will grow weaker and lose its elasticity. This is what can happen to us if we’re not careful.

Stress can be a deadly thing. One of the key anti-stressors I know is for us to stop playing God. Stop trying to run your life independent of God. Listen carefully: If you try to be more than you were intended to be, you will be less than you were intended to be. Just take your hands off your life and place it in God’s hands instead. He’s got the winning recipe for your life, so turn it over to Him and stop playing God.

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