June 11, 2020
“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.” -Isaiah 55:6
My son Ed once told me about a time he took his twin girls to get some ice cream. As they entered the shop, a man with a Doberman tied the dog’s leash to a bench outside the shop, then went inside. When Ed and the girls came out, the Doberman had somehow pulled the bench completely loose and was swinging it around, causing all kinds of pandemonium. Then, the owner of the dog came out, and the dog immediately calmed down. The difference was unbelievable. Listen. A lot of us get tied to all kinds of things that produce pain in our lives, and we end up doing damage to ourselves and the people around us. But if we let the Master come near, we will hear Him gently say, “Stay close. Stay near.” 

If you feel all tied up and beaten up, just get near the Master, and experience the change He will make in your life and your circumstances.
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