You shared proven truth with Elena!

December 13, 2018

Your gifts help make it possible for The Winning Walk to continue broadcasting on television, radio and online – planting seeds for God to transform countless lives.

Anna is a longtime listener who recently shared about a friend whose life was changed through the support of friends like you. It was Elena, with whom Anna worked for fifteen years.

Anna wrote… 

“This is the story of my dear friend Elena. She cannot tell her own story, because she doesn’t live here anymore. She has graduated from this life and moved to heaven! It happened twelve years ago.

Elena was a decent, honest and hard worker. She was one of my closest friends. When she was sick, I almost had to force her to stay home and recuperate. She was a person that I could depend on not matter what.

One day, I started talking to her about God and telling her what Jesus had done for her and for me [on] Calvary’s cross. But she would said, “Anna, I am not going to change my parents’ religion.” We had some friendly discussion about Jesus’ family. That allowed me to open my Bible and share about our Lord’s family.

Every morning, I listened to The Winning Walk on our way to work. One morning when I was listening to Dr. Young’s sermon, Elena asked me, “Could you tell me what he is saying”? (Elena could only speak Spanish.) After the preaching was over, she accepted Jesus Christ as her own Lord and Savior.”

Thank you for helping share the proven truth of God’s Word with Elena, which transformed her life. And thank you for your continued gifts and prayers to help reach more people like her through The Winning Walk.

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